Inherit Series

Inherit Series

The GC-Audio Inherit system is an innovative audio device that allows you to have many models of preamplifiers within a single 19’’ rack.

It’s « Hot Plug » design allows users to test a wide range of characteristic sounds. 

Unlike other modular formats it allows the implementation of high-voltage or high-current multiple-voltage preamplification technologies.

In addition, the absence of space constraints and the best EMC environment allow less compromise in electronic designs.

This results in better audio quality.

The Inherit system will therefore give you access to complex preamps such as true tube preamplifiers or complex discret design that are impossible to get on a lunchbox.

It is a premium device specialized in sound recording for sound engineers who want an uncompromising result.

The GC Audio Inherit is finalist of Namm Tec Awards 2022.

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Inherit Tube Heat Cartridge

Inherit Tube Heat Cartridge

The Tube Heat Cartridge is a genuine tube preamplifier inspired by famous vintage tube preamp..


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