• Inherit RE-73 Cartridge

The GC-Audio Inherit system is an innovative audio device that allows you to have many models of preamplifiers within a single 19’’ rack.

It’s « Hot Plug » design allows users to test a wide range of characteristic sounds. 

Unlike other modular formats it allows the implementation of high-voltage or high-current multiple-voltage preamplification technologies.

In addition, the absence of space constraints and the best EMC environment allow less compromise in electronic designs.

This results in better audio quality.

The Inherit system will therefore give you access to complex preamps such as true tube preamplifiers or complex discret design that are impossible to get on a lunchbox.

It is a premium device specialized in sound recording for sound engineers who want an uncompromising result.

It also allows you to quickly test various preamplification technologies without a patchbay.

The rack's custom power supply has been designed with great care and contains 7 unique voltages which are generated by three toroidal wire transformers.

All functions are analog but digitally controled in a well shielded construction in order to protect the signal path.

This allows each cartridge to supply it’s unique and unadulterated sound.

During a take, users can quickly and easily compare e.g., the sharpness of a transistor preamp with the warmth of a real tube preamp without a patchbay. 

Some cartridges are designed around proven technologies that are part of recording studio standards and others are designed from new technologies exclusive to the Inherit system.

For proven technologies, numerous improvements have been made to achieve a high signal to noise ratio while maintaining the original behavior and tonal color.

Currently these five cartridges are available (More cartridges will be released soon) : 


Ø  RE-73 : Class A preamp, unbalancing & balancing by Original Carnhill Transformer

Ø  RE-98 : Class A differential preamp, ultra low noise discret components, balancing by Lundahl Transformer.

Ø  RE-4K : unbalancing by an Original Jensen 115 transformer, preamplification and balancing by an Ultra low noise Operational Amplifier.

Ø  Tube Heat : True Tube High voltage preamplifier, unbalancing and balancing by transformer, no discret component in the signal path.

Ø  RE-15 : Class A differential preamp, unbalancing and balancing by an ultra low noise Opreational Amplifier.

Why the GC Audio Inherit ?

 Lunchboxs are able to give you access to several good preamps but the limited power supply and size requires electronic compromise wich affects the quality of the sound.

Also the shielding is not always of very good quality.

The Inherit system provided a premium multiple power supply and a very good shield environment.

It is intended for demanding sound engineers who want uncompromising sound recording.

Also the Inherit system is a different and more practical modular format specialized in preamplification.

Although it is primarily dedicated to recording studios, its rugged construction allows for heavy touring use for recording engineers who want to use different sound colors without carrying multiple racks.

In the quest for "big sound", a connoted term we've all used at least once in a mix, we get lost a little too quickly in dynamic and tonal correction. A sound that deserves correction from the start deserves, above all, a new take. From an electronic point of view, a "big sound" is above all a frequency signal rich in harmonics, and above all having very good output current source. The notion of "good sound" has a part of subjectivity: it is above all what we are looking for. It is therefore important to be able to quickly test several technologies to obtain the desired result. Consequently, for a warm sound, rich in harmonics, a tube cartridge with transformer balancing is preferred, and for a very flat and precise sound, a transistor cartridge with OA balancing is preferred ... Many combinations are possible and the GC Audio Inherit will give you easy access to many high end preamps.

In an audio chain, the preamplifier is placed just before digital conversion. It is therefore by definition analog and not emulable.
It is the main element for a good sound recording.
The GC-Audio Inherit was developed to deliver uncompromising audio quality with the goal of upgrading proven designs while exploiting new technologies.
The function of preamps is to process weak signals, so they are very sensitive to electromagnetic interference.
The proprietary Inherit format keeps the sensitive part of the electronic design in a one-piece machined cartridge that serves as a Faraday cage. The performance of electromagnetic shielding is optimal and the concept allows great convenience for the user.

Inherit RE-73 Cartridge

  • Brand: GC AUDIO
  • Product Code: RE-73 Cartridge
  • Availability: 6 Weeks
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