The GC-Audio Inherit system is an innovative audio device that allows you to have many models of preamplifiers within a single 19’’ rack.

It’s « Hot Plug » design allows users to test a wide range of characteristic sounds. 

Unlike other modular formats it allows the implementation of high-voltage or high-current multiple-voltage preamplification technologies.

In addition, the absence of space constraints and the best EMC environment allow less compromise in electronic designs.

This results in better audio quality.

The Inherit system will therefore give you access to complex preamps such as true tube preamplifiers or complex discret design that are impossible to get on a lunchbox.

It is a premium device specialized in sound recording for sound engineers who want an uncompromising result.

It also allows you to quickly test various preamplification technologies without a patchbay.

The rack's custom power supply has been designed with great care and contains 7 unique voltages which are generated by three toroidal wire transformers.

GC Audio introduce a new preamp cartridge designed by Graham Langley, co-founder of Amek and designer of many large format mixing consoles (Amek Mozart, Rembrandt, Angela, etc...).

This new design, exclusive to the Inherit system, has been designed to make the best use of the resources offered by the reception rack.

The synoptic is a premium differential preamp composed of paired transistors and constant sources. It is digitally controlled in order to isolate the analog signal in the metal cartridge (and therefore separated from the radiation of the linear power supply). Common mode rejection and output balancing are manual for each cartridge manufactured to achieve optimized values. The resistive ratios are composed of low value in order to obtain an optimal EIN.

This preamp is perfect for the user who wants uncompromising sound pickup with a transparent and powerful result.

A gain range ranging from 16dB to 60dB in 4dB steps has been chosen.

PAD = -20dB

Input Impedance = 5K Ohms.

EIN (150 Ohms source @ 60dB, 22hz/22Khz) = Better than -127dB.

THD + N = 0.04%

Technical Data (All measurements were made with Audio Precision device, 150 ohms input load, 100 Kohms output load):

Inherit Low cut :

Red = without low cut

Blue = with 80Hz low cut

Green = with 120Hz low cut

Technical Data with Graham Langley signature cartridge:

Frequency VS gain:

THD + N:


Inherit bundle (Rack + Graham Langley signature)

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