• Density Compressor

The GC Audio Density compressor is a complete VCA Compressor.
The de-symmetrization stage consists of a Lundhal transformer which remains to this day the only way to perform common mode rejection without adding distortion. The follower OPA are ultra low noise AD797s recommended by That Corporation for optimal operation of the VCA.
Great care has been taken in the choice of capacitors. Each coupling and decoupling link is optimized for an impulse response. The low values ​​are ensured by Wima plastics and the higher values ​​by Nichicon Long Life low ESR electrolytic.
The output balancing stage consists of a Lundhal high level Output transformer preceded by a solid low output impedance current generator stage.
The few uH generated naturally by the output coil of the transformer brings density and a feeling of proximity.
No sound goes through the front panel switches, each switch drives gold contact mechanical relays or ultra low R-On solid state relays.
The result is a responsive, quiet compressor with lots of character.

Technical data :

Ø  Threshold : -30dB / +10dB.

Ø  Ratio : 1 / 20

Ø  Attack : 0.1ms / 15ms

Ø  Release : 1.5ms / 150ms

Ø  Output gain : -20dB / +20dB

Ø  HP filter side chain : 20Hz / 200Hz

Ø  Auto time setting

Ø  Knee setting

  THD + N @ Gain Max = 0.1%

EIN (Equivalent Input Noise) = -106 dBu @ gain max (150 Input Load – 20Hz/20Khz)

Frequency response:


 THD + N VS frequency @ Gain Max:



Density Compressor

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